Steps: The Steps to Deliverance

God's deliverance is designed to move us closer to Him.


  • Jesus says that every hair on your he is numbered and known by the Father. Do we really trust Him with our lives and our deliverance? When is the last time You have trusted God with something major in your life?

  • Are you finding peace and contentment in Him and His provision in your life, or are You "browsing" for something else to deliver and satisfy you?

  • As Christians, it is possible to go through many difficult times with perfect inner peace. However, God often puts great distress on our hearts to bring us back to Him if we are wandering. Are you at peace, or is your heart at war today?


  • Choose one major thing that is worrying you in your life, and choose to surrender it totally to God and worry about it no more. His goodness and power is more than sufficient for your every need.

  • Pray to God to reveal where You are far from Him and pray to begin the journey back to closeness with Him.