Corban Shalom (The Peace Offering)

"His own hands shall bring the Lord food offerings. He shall bring the fat with the breast, that the breast may be waved as a wave offering before the Lord." Leviticus 7:30

Questions for Prayer:

  • The other burnt offerings require the sacrifice of a male from the flock to show the picture of Christ sacrificing Himself for the world, but the peace offering was unique in that both male and female offerings were acceptable, showing a much different picture. The offerer (not the priest) would lift the offering before the alter and then lower it, symbolizing that God had given the blessing back to share among the people. We often try to rush through our "Christian life" on Sunday and Wednesday instead of slowing down and enjoying fellowship and God's blessings with each other. How can we foster an attitude of sharing the richness of fellowship with each other in the Body of Christ?

  • The Peace Offering is placed after the offerings for obedience and forgiveness. We cannot be at peace with God and with each other in the body if we do not forgive each other and live in obedience to God. Who do you need to begin forgiving? What area in your life are you holding back from following Christ?


  • Leviticus 1

  • Leviticus 7