Put on the Priesthood

You don't get to choose whether or not you want to be a priest. God has chosen you.

Questions for Prayer:

  • The anointing oil that God required to anoint the priests had a specific recipe- it was fragrant and designed to clump and stick to the priest. This meant that everyone who interacted with him would know that he was set apart. Similarly, we are anointed with the Spirit and everyone should know that we are set apart by our deeds. Is this true in your life?

  • The different priestly garments represented different attributes required for priests and believers. (The belt representing faithfulness, hat representing God's presence, linen shorts guarding one's purity.) These garments took time to put on, representing time that God designates in our life to prepare us for ministry and obedience. Are you using this time in your life to don your priestly garments? Or are you prepared and ready to begin your ministry?


  • Exodus 28

  • Leviticus 8:1

  • Genesis 49